About Taja

"I'm a strong believer that our positive Black Love stories are important for our community. I felt it was important to write them."
Taja Henson is an independent author of multiple black love stories. She also spent the last 7 or so years as a Philadelphia Lifestyle Blogger before starting her company Taja Henson Co. Taja grew up between Maryland & Virginia as an only child and latchkey kid (shout out to the 90's) she spent a lot of time with her self reading, building her imagination by drawing and writing elaborate stories to share with others. She now calls Philadelphia home with her two kids and cat named Dash.

     She's a fan of Thrillers and Sci-fi in book and television, and hopes to write one of her own one day. Her favorite authors are Terry McMillian and Toni Morrison, however she loves exploring new ones daily. Her daughter encourages her to read more, she's very appreciative. Taja is excited to share all her stories that she's been keeping to herself with the book world.